Monday, 6 July 2009

No.99 Of Twitter Do & Twitter Don't

Had Day 1 of training week today. It seemed to go really well with everyone chipping in ideas and suggestions. It's amazing how far this company has come in terms of its marketing. It's amazing too how much marketing has changed over the past 12 months. From adverts in newspapers & brochures out by snailmail to Website, Facebook & Twitter. When is it all going to settle down I wonder and we can all think "great nothing else now to get our heads around". For me this is all about trying to work out which forms of market/media to back and which to let go. We backed email in 1998 and got that right on the nail with our email service. We're backing Twitter just now and the jury's still out on Facebook. We didn't go with E-learning first time round and that I think that was the right call. LinkedIn was binned too.

Trying desperately to think of an excuse not to go swimming at 9p.m. tonight but nothing occurs just now.

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