Saturday, 4 July 2009

No.97 Of Gribbles & Portmuck

Ha! The plot thickens! On collecting the chairs from the auctions I learnt from one trader that they all thought I was a private buyer out to get just one chair so they didn't bother bidding against me on the first one! On taking the lot when given the option I can see why everyone looked slightly bemused. Best of all when asking the auctioneer where the chairs came from I was told they're from the Law Society! Best of all (mkII) a solicitor contact of mine tells me they were ordered in especially from Italy and are now a collector's piece. This much Google tells me is true. They are matteo grassi chairs and look quite the part both on the Net and in our new conference suite.

Last night I took The Lady Captain for dinner at "Upstairs at Joe's" in Cushendaw. The food was great & the craic too. Somehow we got onto the subject of fish n chips -quite possibly because that's what The Lady Captain ordered (I thought lady captains ate Oysters & Caviar n that sort of thing but it seems I'm wrong). I asked if she ate gribbles as a kid. Gribbles I explained in Devon were the loose bits of batter that were served in a small bag to kids for free along with chips. Doubting that this wasn't a story of nothing but complete puff she bet me £10 there's no such thing and it was agreed that a search on Google would prove it eitherway. And it seems it has. I plan to have a nice veggie pie n chips and a small bottle of wine and gribbles if they have them for my £10.

It's hard to be doubted by the opposite sex but what was particularly galling last night was that on the way home she tried to convince me that there's a place on the coast called Portmuck...


  1. Never try to outsmart a female!

  2. About 18 years ago I qualified as a diver in the Maldives, and took up an offer from a pal to dive with him at Portmuck. After dragging myself along the sea bed through a kelp forest with two knives all against the current I never dived again.