Tuesday, 28 July 2009

No.117 Of The Numbers Game Here & Abroad

Everyone seems to be away at the moment. I phone friends and catch them on a beach in Majorca, Ibiza, or Tuscany and it costs me a good £10 to listen to them explain how hot the weather is how good the food is and how agreeable the company is too. I thank them for sharing. I wish them an enjoyable relxaing break and then return to preparing for more Performance Reviews at work.

I had my first request yesterday to tweet a job vancany from a recruitment company. I wonder if this is an important major first of any sort - probably not but it's an interesting development in the world of Twitterdom.

I note there was an article in the Belfast Telegraph yesterday featuring one of Northern Ireland's earliest and foremost Twitterers who has some 8,000 followers. I fear this numbers game is going to go the same way as stats counters & hits in early web sites, the number of friends you have on Facebook and possibly the number of cards you get at Christmas. In other words many people becoming obsessed with high figures that actually count for very little.

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