Saturday, 18 July 2009

No.107 Of Shane's Castle & Disney's World

Yesterday I attended a Vintage Car Rally at Shane's Castle. It was a rather splendid affair with lots of jolly drivers firing about all over the estate giving dogs abuse to some fine old vehicles. I'm not sure what was more interesting the cars or the people who were behind the wheel. At lunch we adjourned for a picnic on the lawn by the summer house and everything was terribly civilised.

I had a go in a 1920s Austin which had three gears, a driver who was positively bonkers and a picnic basket on the back for ballast. As we fired along I wondered if we looked like the living incarnation of the cartoon couple in Disney's 101 Dalmatians that used to race about in a vintage car creating merry havoc.

A charming day. Quite unlike any other I'm likely to experience this year or any other year come to think of it. Jolly D.

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