Tuesday, 21 July 2009

No.109 Of Tables & Chairs

I'm getting the hang of this auction thing now. Tonight I purchased a kitchen table and six chairs for £70. It would have been £30 if it hadn't been for some guy in front of me muscling in at the last minute. These are to go in the kitchen. The existing table there is to be transported into our new board room. Oh it's all be carefully worked out you know. All we need now are five more board room tables and a whole load of carpet.

Dublin tomorrow and six meetings including one with a Twitter contact. She's the only person I've met to date who also has a Twitter seminar under her belt so I'm curious to find out how it went for her.

Ho hum off home for to prep for Dublin.

1 comment:

  1. Six meetings! great !! All the meetings are now equipped with software video conferencing to enable people to connect from any where in the world. It is of course a good idea, no fuss of traveling.