Thursday, 23 July 2009

No.112 Of Dragon's Den and the Devasting Effect of Lathargy

I've been whitevan man today. Picking up furniture, shifting bikes with punctured wheels to the repair shop and moving a filing cabinet for a friend. Vans are damn useful things - I could have done none of this lawfully in a convertible but I guess that wouldn't have stopped me giving it a go.

I've just been catching up on Dragon's Den from last night on Playback. It had some great entrepreneurs on including a woman from Scunthorpe who charmed them all and a former barrister who looked strangely familiar. Where are all the loopers nowadays and those that would go into the Den thinking they really know best? Peter Jones seems to get taller, Bannatine more miserable and Meenan younger looking with every series (her surgeon has clearly made a good investment).

Hot and sticky weather all day today. This has to be my worst type of weather - it makes me fell really lathargic even to the point that I can't be

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