Friday, 24 July 2009

No.113 Of Gratuitous Bay Reversers & Other Serious Criminals

I arrived early today for the early bird swim. In fact so early I beat all other early birds and the staff of the pool into the bargain. As I sat there in the car whiling away the time I watched someone else try to park in a carpark that was empty but for me. The person chose the far set of bays. This much made sense I guess because they were nearest the entrance and required therefore the shortest walk (though if she was swimming to get fit it might strike some as an unusal irony that she had to get so close). But then I watched as the car swung round and the driver attempted to reverse into the space. Three goes at this and the car was finally perfectly between the lines. Why not head for two bays end on and drive into the second bay so when you return you can also drive out forwards but you've not spent time (and a bit of petrol) reversing in? I wonder if these people (shall we call them "gratuitous bay reversers") are also the people that drive right up to roundabouts and stop then look to the right to see no cars in sight anywhere bar two in the mirror slamming on their breaks desparately to avoid a pile up?

I feel a national debate coming on...

1 comment:

  1. I think the roundabout loiterers might just pip the bay reversers to the post!