Wednesday, 1 July 2009

No.95 Of Bids & Biking to Work

Biked to work today in glorious weather along the river, past the banks of Lough Neagh through Antrim Park and along Lovers' Canal. That's the way to commute! Suddenly I feel the veil of misery lifting!

Last night I attended Wilsons Auctions for to bid on 34 chairs I'd spotted for our new conference centre. Apparently, I discovered earlier you have to bid on chair 1 and if you win it the auctioneer asks if you'd like any of the others at the same price. So I did. I paid £6 for the first and then asked to take the lot! There was much laughter and comments like "great we're all home a lot earlier tonight boys" from the auctioneer's assistant. I haven't quite got the hang of these auctions but turning up and getting the Fool's Pardon did seem to work for me last night.

Ho hum - 8 hours of organising next season's seminars and conferences coming up.

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