Sunday, 26 July 2009

No.114 Tricks of the Mind & The Weather

We're back on the road! Me, the MG and the North Antrim Coast road were at one early Saturday morning as the wheels kissed the sun blessed tarmac and we shot round one bend into another. Oh the utter joy of driving!

I'm reading Derren Brown's book called "Trick's of the Mind". It's a great read. He doesn't hold his punches and sets out to be both polemical and challenging. It's interesting how he squares his faith (or may be his former faith - I'm still early on in his book) with what he does. I'm also reading The Articulate Executive by Granville Toogood. Great name hey? I've decide the best way to read is to read two books at the same time. I have a very low attention span and usually put down a book after 20 minutes thinking I'm bored of reading when I'm probably just bored of that book and need to substitute it for another. That's the theory. We'll see and no doubt I'll report on this great new technique in due course.

The weather is teasing me at the moment. The Beeb forecast rain all day which is why I'm in a at work. Through the window I see only sun. Just when I decide to wrap things up and head out the rain comes.

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