Thursday, 9 July 2009

No 102 Of Pumped Up Staff & Fiddling with Flat Tyres

Yesterday was interesting and a whole lot of fun - at least early on. Colm O'Kane, the Legal-Island motivational coach did a session with us all. I've never known anyone so pumped up before a gig in my life. I got a mauling from his enthusiam before the session started. "Barry I'm going to do this" and "I can't wait to do this" and "What do you think about this?"

I've never known anyone too play a fiddle in a Legal-Island training session and teach us a thousand words of French (not at the same time I hasten to add - that would be beyond even Colm's capabilities.) The session left us feeling all pumped up ourselves. His enthusiasm is infectious. Colm we salute you. It was brilliant.

Last night I went for a bike ride along the banks of Lough Neagh. It was a lovely evening topped by an amazing sunset across the Lough. Afterwards I attempted a repair of a puncture in the front tyre. I had forgotten just how blooming awkward the process is. And it's not got any easier in 30 years. Why hasn't anyone invented a method of repair that doesn't involve a whole lot of anger management, cursing and bent kitchen forks?

The tyre put up lots of resistance but at some time before midnight I finally cracked it. I quickly tightened the wheel back into the frame and gave it a triumphant "don't mess with me you little b...d" kind of look before hitting the sack.

This morning I went out to empty the rubbish to find a flat tyre grinning at me. Bikes all too easily nowadays end up in rivers. There's a river just behind my house.

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