Thursday, 9 July 2009

No 101 Of Bonfires & Jaffas

I've decided I have some pretty extraordinary neighbours. At drinks last night one, not far off the same age as me, unprompted, openly announced to all that she's no intention of ever doing a full day's work in her life ever again! Another, a single Mum, seems on the verge of tears at the moment. She's missing her kids who are away on holiday with their father yet does nothing but complain about them whenever their home as far as I can tell. A third, popped round to the impromptu evening drinks do to inform us that he now holds the world jaffa eating record (five in a minute apparently) before promptly toodling off again (no doubt to see if he can do six).

I have a friend coming over from England on Friday night. I haven't seen him in 20 years. We both badly misbehaved together at Uni and very nearly got thrown out because of each other. I'm wondering how he'll remember our two years of partying, pontificating and prevarication. I can't decide where to take him - to see the standards such as The Giant's Causeway and the Titantic Quarter or somewhere more daring like a 12th bonfire. I've never been to a 12th bonfire and am agonizing over whether you stay away from such spectacles or attend at least one before you're entitled to criticise.

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