Sunday, 5 July 2009

No.98 Of Perfect Timing & Imperfect Forecasts

What is it about garages and shops that sell car spares that they just can't do customer service.? On arrival they ignore you whilst you follow them around waiting at least for them to acknowledge your existence on the planet. Then they stare you down almost like it's in the hope that you'll go away and leave them alone. But then oddly, once they've finally engaged you they very helpful....

Yesterday I had a go at the MG. She's coughing and spluttering like she has swine flu. Tim, the neighbour, tells me this is to do with spark plugs which must be replaced. So today I'm off to Nutts Corner market for to buy a socket set to replace four spark inducing vital elements of the engine. "Don't replace them all at the same time cos you'll bugger the timing" Tim assured me. I was about to do just that. His timing was perfect.

Lovely day here so far despite the forecasters promise of rain.

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