Tuesday, 7 July 2009

No.100 Investors in People & Investing in Neighbours

Wow! What a day! We had the assessor in today from Investors in People. It was surprisingly nerve racking. But he left promising to recommend us for the award - so jolly nice man if you ask me.

We also spent most of today in two seminars looking at matters relating to performance reviews, objective setting etc with HR consultant Elaine McCann. It's so easy to sit there and think "yes we should do that" and "yes we can easily add this" and "yes this is an area for obvious improvement" when it dawns on you that there's actually a business to run during all of this. Emmmm

Yesterday, the neighbourhood watch scheme kicked in perfectly. I arrived home at about 8p.m. to be told within 5 minutes by neighbour no.1 that a woman from over the road had knocked her door just 5 minutes before to say that she was worried about my house because she saw two guys with a car standing outside by the garage. These were the two Poles who had arrived to attend to the MG (it has swine flu btw - it flew up 7 mile straight on a test drive and the swine broke down halfway).

We don't have an official neighbourhood watch scheme but hey with neighbours like I have who needs one?

Must dash Neighbour No.3 is helping me put up curtains.

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