Thursday, 24 April 2014

Of Forecasting the Great Arrival

My wife is due to give birth in less than five weeks' time. I said, my wife is due to give birth in less than five weeks' time. Yes we've got all the gear but I still don't think either of us have quite got our heads around the fact that soon there will be three of us and not two. So many people have warned us that Sebastian's arrival will turn our world upside down but in a positive way. And I suppose we're taking heart by this. Perhaps it's a bit like going to university. I've never met anyone yet who regretted going to uni (though a few perhaps like me regret having stayed there for so long) and I've yet to meet a parent who admits to regretting ever having been one.

The gear we have for the long awaited arrival is just astonishing. Our main pram (for we have two - one for standard duties and the other for off road work apparently) is the most extraordinary contraption I've seen in a long time. It reminds me very much of Professor Pat Pending's vehicle from the Wacky Races which could transform itself into just about any shape or size for what ever task was needed next.

We both think the wee fella could well pop out quite musical. For he along with his Mum and Dad have attended more live music gigs in the past 8 months than most people would experience in a life time. His Mum plays him Shostakovitch every morning whilst his Da subjects him to the BBC World Service most nights. The poor fella probably thinks he's better staying put if the recent shipping forecasts are anything to go by...

Onwards! To the finish and the maternity ward up the road but not just yet Sebastian if you please. Be on time by all means but not like your Pa and your Grandpa by arriving so early its almost rude...May 26th will do just fine