Monday, 20 July 2009

No.108 Of Logs, Blogs & Industrious Poles

Busy day today. It started with 20 lengths of the hopefully log free Antrim pool. (Did I not mention it was closed pretty damn quick for a day last week when a rather unfortunate piece of flotsam went floating by?).

I had three meetings today. All of which were very productive but it didn't leave much time for real work. Arnold the Polish engineer called round to the office today to show me a picture of the bits of the distributor that's needed for the MG. It wasn't the actual picture but a similar one he had found in a Morris Minor manual in a skip in Randalstown. My golly that guy's resourceful.

Three meetings tomorrow followed by a trip to Dublin on Wednesday. I wonder if my washing will be dry when I get home this evening. It's been raining then sunny n hot all day.

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  1. A LOG? At first I must be an outdoor pool...cutting down trees or a broken branch or something...Then I realised, Barry's no lumberjack, I know what he means now! That is quite the most revolting thing I have heard in a long while. And you went back?! You are a brave man.