Thursday, 2 July 2009

No.96 Of Quality, Quality, Quality

Ha! I forgot to mention here the most important thing that has happened this week. On Tuesday Legal-Island hosted a seminar on the DEL Consultation document which talks about (if not proposes) radical changes to employment law as we know it today. This includes scrapping the so called 1,2,3 internal workplace procedures and introducing a form of mediation to resolve disputes at an early pre-litigation stage. There's even mention of the possibility of an Employment Appeals Tribunal in Northern Ireland.

The seminar featured first class quality speakers in the form of George Alexander of Alexander HR, Ciara Dooris of Tughans Solicitors and Johanna Scullion of Deloitte. Our own Scott Alexander also delivered a masterclass as Chair of the day. There's something about delivering a truly quality event. Everyone claims to at least try but when you actually get there it's very gratifying. "Quality, Quality, Quality" is our company motto did you know?

Gratifying too is the thought that I'm ahead this week on my exercise schedule. Today I was late for the early bird swim session by a good 10 minutes. This usually means that I don't get a lane all to myself and I get out after just a few lengths tired of avoiding all the traffic. Today however I calculated that there would be fewer swimmers in the pool on account of the driving rain that somehow would deter people from wanting to get truly wet. I was right. There was almost no-one there when I arrived and I had three lanes all to myself. Risk taking hey?

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