Thursday, 16 July 2009

No.105 Freddie's Back!

Wow! Seven presentations in two days! That's what we're all expected to do on this Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations course. Better still after each one (for which we have no more than 5 minutes prep time) we're carted off to a room to review the performance with a coach on video! Watching yourself for the first time on video is scary alright horrifying even.

I'm currently staying at Bewleys, Leopardstown. It's a strange hotel. Outside it aspires to be a Hilton or a Radisson with a grand enough entrance way and a long queue of taxis that suggests the hotel is stuffed full of rich and well-to-do people all planning a night out. Inside, it has quite an institute type of feel to it -rather like many of the Polish hotels I stayed in during the 80s or for that matter come to think of it Hotel Riga in Latvia last year. I'm on the seventh floor here which is apparently not the place to be if there's a fire for the fireman's ladders reaches only as far as the sixth floor. I guess if there's a fire tonight I head up onto the roof and wait for a helicopter or enough landing mats below before practising high diving techniques.

I've just returned from a jog. The receptionist had recommended Leopardstown race course as a venue for such an activity. Strangely however I hadn't planned on horses being present at the same time so I cantered back and off round a local business park instead.

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