Saturday, 18 July 2009

No.106 Of Missing Mania & Fast Cars

I'm feeling very disorientated today. I can't find my mobile phone even though I remember using it to check the time late last night. There's people I need to phone today and can't. There's friends I know who will be calling me about plans for this afternoon who wont be able to tell me where to meet up. With most other items I employ a simple policy. Don't let it bother you and forget that you lost it. There'll be no stress and when you're mot looking for it you'll find it. But the loss of this mobile has got to me.

Yesterday I made South Dublin to my door in Antrim in two hours flat (including a stop for petrol and a flapjack). This is a PB and at a time that was just after rush hour. I'm wondering if paperwork will follow in the post to amrk this record journey.

Off to a vintage car rally today to watch a friend abuse a 1936 Ford Roadster.

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