Sunday, 25 July 2010

No.356 Of a Question of Pitch and Timing

I went to Castlewellen Park yesterday for an open air jazz festival which was, as it turned out, held in a tent on account of the weather.

I went with The Lady Captain who prepared a picnic that any Teddy Bear would have been mightily proud of. I hadn't seen her in a long time so it was great to catch up on all the news. She's one of these people everyone needs around. A very positive person with only good things to say about everyone and great wit too.

We struggled however between us to see the postive in the jazz ensemble for their singer missed a good few of the top notes and a few other ones on the way too. They desperately needed a couple up near the front to start off some dancing. The Lady Captain was up for it but I remembered I had left the car door unlocked and thought it time we left....

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