Saturday, 3 July 2010

No.339 Of God & Football

They were all talking about it this morning on the BBC World Service. Should the Uruguayan football team be proud of itself or thoroughly ashamed after one of its strikers handled the ball on the line preventing Ghana (and it would seem Africa too) from scoring and winning the match?

May be the Ghanaians might have realised how the English felt when Maradonna performed his hand of God goal or the Irish when the French kept them out by playing with their legs and their hands in the qualifiers.

Ok so the culprit was sent off yesterday but it was the end of the match so it didn't matter anyway. What else can you do to deter such behaviour at critical points in the match bar threaten amputations? Guess the culprit Suaraez wont be staying on for a holiday in Africa or returning for a while..

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