Friday, 23 July 2010

No.354 Of Mad Blogs & Englismen

London - A place where you can order a cup of peppermint tea without the waiter looking at you like you're a complete moron. Bliss!

Strolling through Woburn Square Park I must have spotted at least 20 different nationalities all in their groups doing their own thing. The Spanish students were having their team photos taken by an Arab lady who was probably glad she wasn't having to do it peering through a burka peering through a lens. The Germans were playing football (hey rub it in lads) whilst the Italian females were doing what they do best : chilling outside sipping Lattes by the cafe and drawing on their cigarettes with all the glamour that Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn first brought to the pastime.

I had ventured in search of a Mr Whippy and finally found one right outside the British Museum (which hadn't lost it's charm). The American in front of me was eager to start her huge 99 but was unable to find anywhere to dispose of her gum. I peered at her daring her to drop it on the ground right outside our great british Institution. She calmly stuck it on the end of her cone and walked off. That stare of mine - never lets me down.

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