Monday, 12 July 2010

No.347 Of All the Cares in the World

It's the day after the day before. I woke to a report on the BBC World Service telling the world all about the trouble in Belfast yesterday. 27 members of the PSNI injured, 3 shot an awful lot of damage done by rioters not to mention the tourist industry.

Also on the same news broadcast was a feature on Fidel Castro. Apparently at 84 he's back. He spent an hour and a half on Cuban t.v giving his views on just about every international incident over the past 12 months. It was the Americans apparently who sank the Korean warship with a mine.

One cant but help but think his views are treated a little bit like the news on Paul the Octopus. Curious to know but not taken seriously.

I wonder what Fidel makes of the Troubles in Northern Ireland? I know the world doesn't really care but I'm curious to know...

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