Friday, 16 July 2010

No.349 Of The Wonder of Wasps

Yesterday I discovered a wasps' nest at the foot of my garden right by the river. Ordinarily I would have taken a stick to it and bashed it to f.. France. But yesterday I just sat and admired what nature had created with such precision.
It reminded a little of the Chinese lanterns you can buy in the likes of TK Max. It consisted of a perfectly formed skin in a shape that was neither round nor oval and quite symmetrical.
I've no idea what was going on inside. It could have been full like a hoover bag of all sorts of noxious fillings and goings on but yesterday as I relaxed reading a book by the river that seemed to pass me by.
I must go take a look to see if it's still there later today and hope that one of the neighbour's kids hasn't taken a stick to it either.

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