Thursday, 15 July 2010

No.348 Of the Two Bruces

I watched the documentary on Bruce Forsythe last night. He's not bad for 82 still flying about the place and working 16 hour days in show business. He attributes at least part of his good health and longevity to a breakfast he has almost identical to mine which is very encouraging : porridge with blueberries each of which he carefully places around his dish before eating. He's clearly become a creature of habit in his 80 odd years.

I was tallking to another Bruce, Brucie baby, one of the Antrim early bird swimmers this morning. He confessed to having gone out on the rip over the 12th weekend. He explained he ended up in the Steelpe Bar for the first time in five years. "Nothing's changed" he said "Everyone was sitting in exact same place as when I last went in!".

I guess we're all creatrues of habit in the end.

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