Sunday, 11 July 2010

No.346 Of Chinese Proverbs

Finally! It's happened. A comment has been left on my blog which is actually both intelligible to me and quite wise "Riches serve a rich man but command a fool". Usually for some reason I get comments in Chinese. This time the quote has been left in English by someone with a Chinese handle. So to you who ever you are thank you or Mgoi (or Toa chie if you take it in Mandarin).

I used to have a chinese quote on my bedroom wall. It went something like "The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with one step". I never fully understood it's significance but neither did visiting friends who foolishly thought I did so I suppose it served a purpose.

My favourite Chinese proverb is "Tie to birds together and tho they have four wings they cannot fly". I was once so desperate for content I bunged this in an essay at university. I got a B- for it. I think the tutor must have missed it or may be she thought too like my friends I was cleverer than I was and gave me the benefit of the doubt. Wish there was more people like her in the world....

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