Saturday, 10 July 2010

No.345 Of Top of the Pops

It's Saturday today but really like a Sunday. It's the weekend of the 12th when everyone not involved in the celebrations clears off. Ideal for anyone like me who chooses to do neither and instead come into work to get a whole load of work done.

This morning I went to Tesco and brought survival provisions for the three days which included a whole load of oatcakes, fruit and vege milk and nuts for my porridge. I also bought about 10 CDs to help me get through the longs hours to come when I'm drafting four new brochures and putting the final touches to the company strategy.

Each of the CDs were from the "bargain bucket" in Tesco and cost little more than a few quid. They reminded me of the albums you could buy as a kid from Woolworth called "Top of the Pops". These featured covers of all the latest releases. The recording quality was poor and the bands not much better but at 50p a go it was that or nothing. Each album always contained one song you'd never heard of by a band that had probably paid a lot of money to be on the album. Funny how you work these things out much later innit?

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