Wednesday, 7 July 2010

No.342 Of Lessons Learnt When I could have been Watching the Football

I went to see the Royal Opera House production of Salome last night. The main character, Salome, is glamorous indeed but golly does she have issues? She compliments John the Baptist on his body, his hair and his lips. When rebuffed she then tells him she didn't like any of these really and then demands that his head is chopped off! When her wish is granted she then seeks to kiss his lips and wonders where the passion has gone!

A friend of mine was in the production. It's a strange feeling watching an opera recognising someone. Makes you want to prod the person next to you and say something like "Err I know her". I didn't though behaving impeccably throughout.

It was a complicated opera and I didn't understand it fully. What I did take from it though is if a woman asks me for a kiss and her name just happens to be Salome I should just get on with the job...The lessons you learn when you could have been watching the football instead...

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