Monday, 5 July 2010

No.341 Of Well Made Plans

I lunched at TGI Friday's yesterday at Victoria Square. It was pretty uninspiring. The menu contained just two vegetarian dishes : Brusheta and Veggie Fahitas. Whilst waiting for my dinner companions a table of 6 arrived - a Mum and Dad and four kids in tow. After studying the menu and talking to the waiter they all got up and walked out not looking at all happy. When I asked the waiter what was wrong she said they had gone out in a huff when she told them them they were out of Coke.

Much more inspiring was the company yesterday. At lunchtime I met Gareth Dunlop and Niall McKeown of Ion Online Marketing. I like these guys. The way they play off one another is very Morecombe and Wise at times and its amusing to listen to them talk about the benefits of the Internet and disagree with one another.

Also on form yesterday was Gerry Rooney from Polaris HR. He's currently training Legal-Island's first set of mediators. I met him last night at the Hilton for a sharpner. The plan was for us to meet and chat for 10 minutes and then get an early night. Like all good plans in good company it didn't quite work out like that and I wasn't hitting the sack much before 1a.m.. Seemed like a good idea at the time...

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