Sunday, 25 July 2010

No.355 Of Handling Complaints

I know it sounds crazy but I was kept asleep by a belching plug hole last night in my hotel. I was just about to nod off after a great night out in London when the sink rumbled and water appeared from out the plug hole before disappearing again. Thinking I was up to the challenge of how to resolve this I placed the plug in the hole and returned to bed. 30 minutes later and I heard the sound of a plug popping into the air and the same rumble, gurgle and whirl of water that I had heard before.

I lay there contemplating what to do. I had five hours before getting up for my taxi to the airport so I needed rest and I figured by the time I had complained and asked for another room it might hardly be worth going to sleep. Besides how do you call reception and complain that a plug hole is keeping you awake?

I lay three towels across the sink thinking it would be enough to contain the pop of a plug and any rude noises the sink wanted to make to stop me chucking out the zzzzzzzzzzzz. I was wrong. I must have managed a whole hour's slumber before reception called to let me know the taxi had arrived.

By the time I had boarded the plane I was very tired and very crotchety. As we came into land a gentlemen on my right across the isle from me had failed to turn off his mobile. I know this because it rang and he answered it. No-one said anything so I did and reminded him that mobile signals could interfere with the electronics of the plane. Immediately I felt like the plane square and passenger grass and regretted my impromptu protestations.

Once the plane was on the ground I made for my own mobile to check for texts. The guy on my left said "You're not supposed to be doing that mate until the aircraft door opens".

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