Sunday, 28 June 2009

No.93 Of Ballyrobin & BBQs

Cycled last night to the Ballyrobin on account of the evening being so lovely.
There was nothing on the menu maincourse for veggies apart from the standard sentence "Vegetarian option available on request" so I sulked and had a soup and nothing else. My company then felt guilty and had a starter only and the restaurant lost out by about £20.

Biking back I ended up going via, The Shanogue. It's just about the only pub in NI I know that has anything approaching a beer garden and happens to be my local. It turned out it also had a disco bar at the back which was really popular even by 10p.m.. For a moment I thought I could have been in a shoot for ITV's "Benidorm". Mobiles, fags and tattoos everywhere together with an awful lot of drinks beginning to glow in the night time.

Barbque tonight alongside the river with neighbours. There's actually quite a few attending and I'm looking forward to meeting those from "up the other end".

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