Wednesday, 24 June 2009

No.90 Of Grafting and Grafton Street

I had a great day networking today. I met just a few people but I get the sense that big things could come of these meetings if I put enough graft into it.

One of the meetings involved a visit to a top ten law firm in Ireland. My contact there said she had had to negotiate hard to get the croissants which were now considered a luxury item. Sign of the times we both agreed. Another solicitor later that day kept on talking of the "carnege out there" the "absolute bloody carnege". I was beginning to feel like I was in a horror movie.

Grafton Street did feel like if not a horror movie then someting of a nightmare. It was packed full of tourists looking left or right at shops but not straightahead where they're walking and about to walk into you. I was accosted by two young females one at the bottom of the street the other at the top both trying to sell something but unusally not decked out in either a bright "World Concern" bib or a prominent charity ID card. Neither seemed bothered or deterred by my frown as they approached (my scariness is wearing off I thought) and the fact that I had doubled my speed to indicate as politely as I could that I was in a hurry, late for a meeting and not wanting to stop and chat. The girl at the top even offered to walk at speed with me to wherever I was going so I increased my pace even more. At this rate I'll be sprinting up Grafton Street next I thought.

I'm currently on a break and heading back in a moment for another bit of prep for tomorrow's seminar on how to use Twitter for business purposes. I'm really intrigued to know how it's going to go down.

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