Monday, 15 June 2009

No.83 Of the Irish News Awards & Other Scary Things

I've decided I must be a bit scary. I met two people last week and one yesterday who emmed and ahhed and stuttered their way through meetings with me looking visibly nervous - at least at the beginning. Being able to scare people does have it uses sometimes (unwelcome callers to the door for example) and is a social skill that shouldn't be knocked. But now it seems I may have become naturally good at it...emmmm

It's the Irish News Awards this Thursday. Legal-Island has been short listed in the two categories we entered and I'm already getting nervous. I don't remember being like this waiting for my GCSE results to come through. What's happening to me I wonder?

Today I nipped down the Antrim Road in Belfast to meet Gillian Esquivel and Shane Mackle for lunch at the Belleview Arms. I parked at the side and headed for the front of the pub to find it locked up so I went round the far side to find this locked/boarded up. Then I walked to the back of the premises with much the same results so I continued round almost to where I started and finally entered the building. I was presented with a choice of left or a right corridor. I chose the latter and end up in the Disabled Toilets. Reversing out and going left I asked the barman in the public bar where the restaurant was and I was told to take two more rights and then go upstairs which I duly did. Upstairs (to the left and left again) I found a lovely restaurant. Feeling somewhat disorientated I was glad to sit down and order some food. This duly came in the form of a veggie stir fry.

The three of us chatted about business, veggie food (I was in the company of one of each : a veggie and a carnivore) "The good times" two years ago and what might be ahead for us all in the near future.

Before leaving I demanded to the see the chef about the stir fry and was led into the kitchen by the manager. I said gruffly to him "Are you the guy that cooked the veggie stir fry today?" He looked concerned and meekly admitted he was. "Congratulations" I said as I shook his hand "One of the best veggie meals I've ever had". He smiled looking mightily relieved.

Putting scariness to good use can be fun sometimes.

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  1. Sometimes it's good to know how to be scary. It's great when you're making a complaint in person.

    I always wear a suit with full make-up, and speak loudly.

    Dropping the odd mention of secret shoppers always does the trick too. As does, "do you realise, I WROTE your flippin' complaints policy"? Hehe.