Saturday, 27 June 2009

No.92 Of Sheer Joy & Jawbone

Wow! Took the MG last night to Torr Head and onto to Ballycastle along the coast road. What a drive and what a way to travel. Hood down, engine purring, sun dipping over the horizon great vistas everywhere. Life's great. And let nobody tell you any different ok?

I'm test driving a new Jawbone ear piece which bluetooths to my mobile today. It's an astonishing bit of kit. "Jawbone" is actually very misleading. It's simply an ear piece that has a sensor touching the skin. Because of this it cuts out background noise completely. Doubting this greatly I hopped in the MG and whilst firing round the block called Radek our ITC technician who reported perfect sound. He would have had no idea I was in the car unless I had told him. We wondered as a result of this new invention how many guys might call their girlfriends claiming to be tucked up in bed whilst actually out at a nightclub on the prowl. Now its seems guys have ITC to blame when they go astray..

Why is it that most videos posted on UTube just don't work but then everynow and again something comes along ala Susan Boyle style and just provides nothing but sheer joy? Take a look here and see what I mean.

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