Sunday, 14 June 2009

No.82 Of Poles Bending it for Barry

I met the Lady Captain yesterday. She took me through her triumphant afterdinner speech sentence by sentence. She's received 20 or more cards congratulating her on her debut at the podium wearing the green jacket which says it all I guess. She's still on a high about the whole thing. Ride it gal you deserve it.

Last night I saw "Looking for Eric" the film in which Eric Cantana plays himself. It's a cracking film. A kind of Kes meets, Billy Elliot meets Bend it with Beckham. What a great film. The lead is played by Steve Evets which it appears to me as I type, to be a name which can be read forwards as well as backwards. These are called Palindromes if I remember apparently.

I had a team of Polish mechanics out to fix the MGB today. All we need it seems is 11cms of fuel hose to bend between two points and we're back in action.

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