Thursday, 18 June 2009

No.86 Of Mgs & Escorts

Last night I attended an Opera night at the Culloden Hotel as a guest of the Hastings Group. We zipped there in the MG - hood down -lovely weather - way to go - way to arrive.

It was a great night but I'm not sure if Carmen works when done with just five lead players. Isn't Carmen really about a visual feast more than anything which is hard to do without a supporting cast of loads fantastically dressed performers.

I bumped into a guy I've been trying to meet for a long time by sheer chance last night. It's strange how you can spend a long time trying to set up a meeting and then without trying it just happens.

Star performer last night was my company. Fiona is intelligent, attractive, easy going, witty and very funny. Richard, her husband, is a lucky man....

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