Monday, 15 June 2009

No.84 Of Coming of Age and Sell By Dates

I called my nephew yesterday about his 18th birthday present. I asked him via his Mum whether he wanted to go to Iran instead of Ireland for his once in a lifetime treat. "Ireland" he replied firmly. "Why not Iran?" I asked "Because we'll get kidnapped and Mum will have to pay the ransome and that will be funding terrorism which I don't approve of." Some of us in the family are risk takers, others landed down the creative side, while a few turned out just very logical in their approach to life.

Sell-by dates according to the radio this morning are all a waste of time and lead to millions of pounds worth of food being thrown away every year. Does that mean that staff here should throw nothing out the fridge until the humus is positively sparkling and the cottage in the cottage cheese is, well, all but rubble? Hope not.

Off to see Executive Coach Fiona Keenan this morning for coffee. Loads to ask and indeed tell...

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