Thursday, 11 June 2009

No.79 Of Narrow Vision and the Big Picture

Survived the Derry/Londonderry experience yesterday. On the way there from Antrim I counted 5 signs showing the distance to the city. On four of these the "London" part of Londonderry had been painted out. This says a lot to me. During the time I lived I never heard one person suggest they change the name completley but loads of arguments (many heated) that it should be one not the other and for a multitude of reasons. Changing the name completely to say, Foyle City, would have shown that the city had vision and was prepared finally to embrace everyone. Instead the debate is stuck where it's been for centuries and everyone has to suffer the dilema of which name to use each time they have to refer to the place. Best not to.

Shot over to Corrs Corner Hotel this morning for a meeting listening to Radio 1. After 15 minutes of nothing but Chris Moyles talking I switched to Radio 2 playing Waterloo Sunset. Bliss! My problem is that I remember the good old days of Radio 1 when DJs were there to play music. Now we have commercial radio peppered with annoying adverts or Radio 1 with egos and mouths to match.

According to the news on Radio 2 the Earth is due to collide with Mars in 6 millions years time. No point tidying my desk then...

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