Wednesday, 17 June 2009

No.85 Of Firefighting, Rain & Good Business

Oh the driving rain! It drives you mad. I watched a programme about freak weather last night (if this rain persists we could be on it) which featured a bunch of convicts in California who were serving time as firefighters working mainly on summer bush fires. Towards the end of the programme it showed them lined up outside a lady's house they had protected from one of the worst bushfires in a long time. She was hugging each one of them, thanking them all for saving her home and wishing them well when they're released from prison. Television can be so powerful at times and such a let down at others cf Big Brother...

Yesterday I met Hilary Carmichael in Derry/Londonderry - an impressive lady and I'm sure an impressive lawyer too. We achieved an outcome to our meeting in 10 minutes which may have taken others at least an hour. If everyone was so damned to the point and great at getting straight to business I could do this job part-time and spend lots of time outside on leisure activities - in the pouring rain.

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