Tuesday, 23 June 2009

No.89 Of Murray & Mints

Murray at Wimbledon. I really despised his opponent today for no other discernible reason than because he wears his cap round the wrong way. If you're going to go to the bother of getting a cap then have it facing the right way round at least. Otherwsie what's the point? Crickey I'm growing increasingly intolerant nowadays....

I had a great day networking today and yesterday. Six meetings so far whilst here in Dublin and another three tomorrow and two seminars to deliver before heading back North.

I'm staying at the Skylone Hotel which at €48 a night has to be bargain hotel of the city. It's well done out, with really good staff and lovely rooms. Opposite are some fabulous restaurants including one I patronised earlier, the award winning "Three Cheeses". By the end of the meal I was in something of a dilemma whether or not to leave a tip for the waitress who was really good. I promised myself earlier this year after really ropey service at the local Tescos that I would complain whenever served badly but tip when served well at restaurants. However, tonight I experienced both at the same time. Really great service by one waitress and really awful service by her colleague who threw into her repertoire of rudeness pretending not to hear my request for another drink most likely because it just wasn't convenient to deal with me just then. Selective deafness hey? Very handy. I left them both my mints feeling one had been underappreciated and the other grossly over compensated.

Have started reading Fergal Keen's Trip through Rwanda. It promises to be a great if disturbing read.

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  1. stayed at the skylone before. agree it was quality value.
    you sound like your easily annoyed.haha! -dispising a man for having his hat the wrong way round. The guy could be the nicest guy ever but just feels comfortable wearing his hat like that.