Wednesday, 3 June 2009

No.74 Of Networking and Network Rail

I spent another day today networking. Sometimes it doesn't really happen for you and you feel you've wasted an awful lot of time setting up meetings and travelling around and getting nowhere. Occasionally it does work and today was one of those days. I met one person after another who came with some great ideas and an awful lot of willingness to work with L-I and provide good quality serivce. May be its the recession that's forced it on everyone.

There were two highlights today both in the form of solicitors from two of the Big Five law firms in Ireland. Liz Ryan of Mason Hayes Curran and Kerry Hiles of Matheson Ormsby Prentice you are superb ambassadors for your firm, great listeners, so down to earth and a delight to work with. Legal-Island salutes you.

I sat on the train returning home today in a carriage in which you would think there was a competition on to find the most annoying ring tone on a mobile. First, just opposite me was an old fashioned kind of ring that might come from a phone in something like "Dial M for Murder". Wow it was loud. Across from me a mobile sounded with a decidedly Indian theme to it with a guy screaming out a chant of some sort. This was particularly annoying because its owner seemed to let it ring for ages as though to let everyone in the carriage know he'd got a ring tone no-one else possessed (did he ever wonder why?)

The award for most annoying ringtone however went to some guy half way down the carriage who must have had his phone switched from "Normal" to "Pneumatic drill noise" by the sounds of things. Why would anyone want to take that around with them? I imagined what I'd do with his phone if I had a pneumatic drill.

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