Tuesday, 28 April 2009

No 45 - Of Me & Muckers in the Mournes

Over the weekend whilst hiking with muckers in the Mournes an interesting revelation was made apparent to me.

One of the aforementioned muckers pointed out that I seem to get a kick out of abstinenace and indeed, quite possibly enjoy the pain of it all. A bit like ya man in the Da Vinchi Code who belonged to that funny group of people that is Opus Dei. He used to wear a steel garter round his thigh which he would tighten periodically for extra pain and punishment.

Between them they calculated I had given up butter, coffee, tea, alcohol (if you don't count the odd glass of red which I don't) cigars, chips and of course meat and fish.

Emm it did leave me thinking for a while what this is all about as we trecked back towards civilisation in search of a coffee and me a green tea....


  1. Do you find you have more energy or less energy slumps without tea/coffee?

  2. Far fewer without tea and coffee. My nutritionist says its all about avoiding the kicks that put you into cycles of highs and lows. It's much better without. Try it!