Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Day 28 8 April 09

Just met John Brolly of the Irish News for breakfast. He's busy working on the Irish Workplace Awards. Now I have a few hours to flitter before my next meeting at lunch with Colin Lauder of Parity. Tried to get into the IOD HQ to do said flittering (even threw a tie on so as not to get ejected unlike first attempt of two years ago) but alas no-one was on the otherend of their intercom system. So now flittering and twittering at Internet cafe by the Europa Bus Station.

Took a quick look around the new Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast. It's impressive but tries too hard for me. It's array of low hanging lights and lampshades just look daft and pointless. Meeting rooms are nice however and the delux bedrooms with huge windows overlooking the city will no doubt entertain many a courting couple.

Trying to finishfinish "Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace" by Daniel Goleman. It's loaded with good stuff but somehow I just don't feel I'm getting lots from it. May be the last chapter which is soon approaching will convince me otherwise.

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