Monday, 27 April 2009

Day No.43 27 April 09 Mourning Maths

I hit Monday on the back of a great weekend. The Charity Dinner at the Wellie Park on Friday was a huge success. The Legal-Island staff in attendance scrubbed up beautifully and were on top form sporting lovely hairdos, gorgeous dresses and by the end of the evening (one at least) fine "Sauvignon blanc" smiles.

Saturday and I headed with the Lady Captain to the Mournes. En route we must have sounded like we were auditioning for entry into the local old peoples' home. Part of the conversation went like this :

" Barry that's Murlough Bay over there which is really lovely"
" Oh yes someone was telling me about that a couple of weeks back. That wasn't you by any chance was it?"
" Don't know it may have been I remember telling someone about it about two weeks ago but I can't remember if it was you or not.."

Oh how we chuckled....

Sunday was spent at work trying to get my head around Twitter. It finished with a very poor Secret Millionaire trying to connect with disinterested school children by teaching mathematical theories to a kid who was having difficulties adding 8 & 5. This man made millions. There's hope for us all.

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