Thursday, 23 April 2009

Day 41 24 April 09 Twitter, Blogger, Hiker

An interesting weekend beckons. Charity dinner tonight at the Wellie Park, Belfast. Tomorrow I hike up and hopefully down Slieve Donard. Sunday has already been designated "Twitterday" when I sit down and study this damned thing and work out how best to use it for social and business purposes. It's not really what I would like to be doing at the weekend but so far I've every reason to be optimistic that it will happen. I've had no invites from friends with other ideas, the weatherforecast is bad so I'll not be tempted to go surfing and the long grass at the front of my house can wait a week longer.

I might also throw onto my to-do list for Sunday "Blogging Strategy". I've yet to crack this. It'll be great for Google purposes if some of this blog was sucked onto the Home Page of the Legal-Island web site. But who visting wants to read about my trips up and down a swimming pool and hikes up and down a mountain? Oh the things that torture my mind...

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