Tuesday, 28 April 2009

No 44 28 April 09 A Fake Dolly & A Very Real Dad

Yes! Result! 30 lengths of the pool by 8.45a.m. in just as many minutes. The trick is, I've discovered, to get there early and get on a line and not in a lane. If you're lucky this means you can concentrate on swimming directly above the line on the bottom of the pool (and therefore be assured you're taking the shortest distance between both ends) and you don't have to worry about navigating and who might bump into you.

I called my Dad last night to wish him well before his holiday and make sure he was still alive because he didn't blog yesterday. He explained he had been too busy packing and was beginning to question the whole point of the exercise anyway as no-one reads his blogs and he has none of those things called "Followers". I heard his wife immedatiely chirp up in the background "Yes you have Robbie. You have one! I checked today. It's Dolly Parton!" Dad declared somewhat irritated "What the hell is Dolly Parton doing reading my blog? Why does she want to know about a man walking his dog in Anglesea? This Internet thing is a gross invasion of a person's privacy!"

Enjoy your very private cruise down the Nile Da and don't forget to blog each day so we know you're having a good time..."Dolly" an' all

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