Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Day 34 - 16 April 09 Ben Clarke & 1 Hairy Biker

Go Ben. Go! Go on my son all the way. Mighty impressive performance last night in the Boardroom. We all know Sir Alan wants you Mr Ben Clarke Ok you did leave with something of a final verbal warning from the big man last night but we know he didn't really mean it.
Paula said she couldn't "shit" on her friends in the business world. Paula wake up and smell the coffee. You're not in the business world. You're in a game show - or at least you were.

I woke up this morning and sniffed Fennel Tea over porridge and bananas whilst listening to the BBC World Service. It seems two big things have happened already in the world today. First, the French fisherman have been offered €5 million Euro effectively as a reward for blocking ferry passengers. They're angry at EU fishing quotas which are affecting their living standards. Secondly, 100 Hells Angels have been arrested in Quebec for among other things murder and peddling drugs. Apparently there are for some reason 101 of them in that city which means one poor old chap is left to tour and scare the life out of the neighbourhood all on his own. Not even enough of them left to shoot their own "Hairy Biker" series.

Working on a new strategy plan for this year. Seeing Joanna from Cherry PR for lunch then off for a game of tennis after work.

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