Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Day 38 21 April 09 - Spending habits in Tesco & Africa

I'm still holding out. I still have no Tesco club card. I plan to be the only one left on the planet that the huge TESCO PC can't find to make its data perfect. But it's getting harder. This morning it went like this "Do you have a Tesco Club card?" - "No I'dont". "Would you like one?" - "No, thank you". "You might as well..." "No thank you I have enough cards as it is". "Here I'll give you a form anyway".

I wonder how much time over a whole year I might save if I do complete and return the form? May be a full half day or just enough time everyday to write a marginally longer blog about nothing in particular. Makes you think doesn't it?

Finished reading "The State of Africa" last night. A mammoth book of over 1,000 pages. I started it last December lest you think I'm a fast reader. It recounts some of the most disgraceful practices of mankind I've ever read. Aside from all the dreadful slaughter of millions in countries such as Rwanda it describes how many politicians came to power in African countries mainly after the second world war on anti-corruption tickets. Almost all of them without exception then went on to plunder the wealth of the country for their own gain. While thousands lived on nothing and often starved many leaders lived lifestyles that would have made even Russian billionaires of today look like they had conversative spending habits. Disgusting, obscene, gross, pornographic. What other words will do?

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