Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Day 27 - 7 April 09

Finished "Pay it Forward" last night. Yet another book that started well and finished terribly. When I say terribly I mean as terribly as any Hollywood production company would require a good story to end.

I think I must take more care reading book reviews before I just jump in and read something recommended by one person (in this case a presenter at a networking seminar).

I now have three copies of War and Peace on my bookshelves at home given to me over the years by friends who no doubt have enjoyed the thought of my being stuck in a novel for half a decade. I'm sorely tempted to give it a go but keep bottling out by reading light stuff like "Pay it Forward". What makes me nervous is that usually if a novel has more than 4 characters I get horribly lost. War and Peace I'm told has over 120.

Ho Hum. Off to read the Irish Independent....

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