Friday, 17 April 2009

Day 35 17 April 09

Stopped this morning at our local centra for to buy loads of lemons for my "juice of half a lemon" drink as recommended by Mens Health magazine supplement. They had none. Looked for the manager Rob but unable to find him.

Over the past few months we've been trying to get Rob over to the office as part of our meet local business people campaign because you never know what they might bring to the party. I think Rob is convinced we're trying to sell him some training so he's yet to take us up on the offer of a walk up the road, a visit and a cup of tea (not juice of half a lemon). Now staff are on the case and am looking out for him too. I wonder if the poor guy thinks that I've issued some sort of "Fu Manchu" style diktat leaning foward on my throne over long nails declaring "bring me the boy who calls himself Rob from Centra".

Can't decide whether to climb Slemish tonight or go to the dog racing or indeed just stay in and chill with Chekov. Twittering is going well but I've still to work out a sensible strategy for all this Tweeting I am doing.

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