Saturday, 4 April 2009

Day 25 4 April 09

In the old days of computer use it used to take ages before you could finally get started on some work when you first jumped in front of the PC. It still does. Years ago the delay was due to a very slow processor taking ages to boot the machine. Now it's because you have to do all the pre-flight checks before you get down to some real work. This morning mine went something like this :

* Twitter - check
* Facebook - check
* Google analytics - check
* Dad's blog - check
* BBC web site - check

Ready! (Only I'm not because I'm blogging again)

This morning I'm working on two things. The first is our new Email Service pages. This is coming on but needs more work. The second is our bio page. So many have said that they think it's unprofessional that we need to do something about it!

Rotten weather. I think the tennis is off.


  1. Why are all the faces on your email service link female? Company policy?

  2. It's interesting I was thinking just this myself the other day. Family law used to be known by the very sexist title of "Babe law" as it was nearly all done by female lawyers.